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You have put a lot into your music, software, or presentation... why not let our printing give it the professional look it deserves. Let your creativity show with printed color DVD and CD sleeves and inserts printed by Jwalamukhi Mudranalaya in Bangalore. Design your sleeves to be the same size as a standard cd cover , or let your creativity run wild, and print larger marketing materials complete with cd inserts. CD sleeves are great for storing and packaging CD's or DVD's for promotional use, for sale, or for marketing without the need for wasted plastic. Printed CD sleeves are also great for mailing
CD/DVD Printing Features
  • Printed on premium 12pt. card stock
  • Gloss or matte finishes available
  • Reduce space and products damaged during shipping
  • Go Green and skip the plastic
  • Quick turnaround with high quality digital printing
  • Runs of 500,000 plus handled with ease
Custom Printing Options
  • In stock or custom order papers available
  • Spot or full varnish and UV coating
  • Up to 6 colors — process color plus 2 Match colors
  • Metallic inks and foils available
  • Custom dies
  • Addressing and direct mail services available in-house